Vacation & Absence Management

Organize shifts and low seasons more effectively thanks to the Vacation & Management system.

Administración de vacaciones y ausencias módulo laboral zeus manager

Vacation & Absence Management

Have all the staff profiles just one click away and send them any document conveniently.

Prepare schedules and vacations in advance

Thanks to its automatic mode you can easily manage the control of free hours and vacations of your workers.

Respond quickly to incidents of your employees

Have access to your own intranet where you can manage any incident that affects your business in advance.

An agenda for all you want

On your personal panel, you set the rules. Use automated notifications not to miss any kind of planning.

Zeus is efficiency and comfort

The Zeus work module is perfect to help you quickly plan the organization of your employees in a matter of minutes, without the need to spend too much time on work arrangements. It is time to set your own rules and respond efficiently to any situation that quickly appears in your business, with Zeus Manager it is possible.