Table Management

Zeus Manager includes 3 different editors that will help you manage tables effectively. Thanks to its simple interface, you will be able to create your rooms in a very visual way and you will be able to use your own room maps to manage dates and special reservations, in addition to predicting the layout and occupation of your restaurant.

Gestión de mesas y salas Zeus Manager software de reservas

Detail your restaurant's profile

Create your business premises and synchronize them to your Zeus profile. Manage each establishment independently and access them whenever you want.

Adapt your restaurant's room maps

Customize your restaurant rooms with a simple map editor in minutes.

Organize the information as you want

Edit your key dates and use the rooms to strategically position your diners according to the days you assign.

Manage reservations in real time

Manage reservations on the map of your dinning rooms. Use this feature to prepare important events for your customers and anticipate occupancy.

Zeus is creativity and innovation

Zeus incorporates 3 main editors with which you can quickly manage the spaces of your restaurant and assign diners according to your preferences. Use maps to attractively display table occupancy and distribution.