Employee portal

An app that allows you to connect with your employees and time-tack their shifts, vacations and absences.

Zeus Manager portal del empleado módulo laboral integrado

Geolocation clock in/out

Control the activity of all the profiles of your business thanks to the Zeus intranet and share all the information you need about your employees with the managers.

Assessment Report

Create personalized cards for your workers and keep track of their evolution to assess each of their strengths.


Inform your employees of their weekly hours or any changes automatically without having to send communications or make calls.


Manages their tasks and controls that they do their work properly.

Zeus is connectivity and efficiency

The Zeus labor module has different additional tools that will help you manage your computer easily with just a few clicks. The employee portal is an application with which your workers can connect to your Zeus interface. Once they register with their mobile device, they will be automatically linked to the work module and in this way you will be able to attend to any type of work application with them quickly and safely. Take a leap to 3.0 with your employees!