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Human Resources management and Reservations software

Maximize your sales with our hassle-free online management software, manage your team effectively, optimize your time efficiently and take full control of your business.

Much more than a restaurant booking software

Manage all your business activities from one single platform

All the efficiency of a human resources department in your hands

A complete reservation management software for your business

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Have your own analysis system and control the profitability of your business

Employee Management

Organise your staff from any device, anywhere. Take your company’s employee management to the next level with ZM.

Zeus manager labour management module

Improve your HR procedures. Operate from a single dashboard the data of your employees, their contracts, vacations and absences.

Organise your team the way you want, wherever and whenever you like. Simplify the management of your staff’s schedules with ZM.

Take control of your employee’s timekeeping in an agile and digital way through our Zeus Manager Employee App.

Improve the efficiency of your staff with an advanced task management system. Create task assignments from any device.

Easily control your employees salary, bonuses and overtime payments… Digitize and easily send your employees’ pay slips.

Work faster and more efficiently by organizing your employees categories and category groups from a single screen.

Reservations system

Your restaurant reservation management software integrated with your WEB, Google and Social Networks.

Manage all your reservations easily, control availability at all times, … Forget about NO- SHOWS forever!

Improve your relationship with your most loyal diners thanks to an intuitive customer management module.

Manage your reservations easily, plan your working hours decisively and increase the  profitability of your restaurant.

Analytical Module

Have your own analytics system with ZM. Get real-time statistics of your business and focus on the important points.

Zeus manager analytics

Synchronize your POS devices and get statistics on monthly billing, by hours, … of your waiters and averages per diner.

Monitor the activity and efficiency of your workers with simple and graphics. Evaluate their performance in detail.

Measure the performance of your reservations (incoming channel, menus, revenue per guest, No-Shows,…).

Zeus Employee

A powerful mobile labor application with which you can improve and streamline the management of your company’s employees.

Facilitate the clock-in follow up of your employees.

Forget about mismatched schedules! Link your employees with Zeus Manager and register all their entries and exits.

Easily distribute tasks

Optimise your company’s task management and track tasks accurately.

Updated weekly calendars

Always keep your employees informed of their schedules with a streamlined system.

Effective absence and vacation requests

Simplify absence and/or vacation procedures with your employees by connecting their devices to the Employee app.

Automatic notifications

Facilitate communication with your employees with a 100% integrated notification system.

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