Shifts Management

Generates higher profitability planned well cough Shifts.

centro de ayuda y gestión de mesas Zeus Manager gestión reservas

Automatic notifications

Reduce the no-show with automatic reminders via email or sms.

Maximize your rotation

Access all the data you need to know about your customers.


Leave notes on reservations so that all your employees are aware of everything.


Decide how and when you can book online at your restaurant by personalizing the self-confirmations depending on the number of diners.

Built-in sales channels

Reservations via web, Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Zeus is easy to learn and adaptable

The Zeus booking module will be the best ally for your full-time business, a digital booking book with which you can take the reins of your restaurant in any situation. It’s time to worry about the tedious operational management of your business, to dedicate more time to yourself, to grow and enjoy your business with your customers.