Employee feedback

The Zeus labor module will allow you to constantly monitor the evolution of your staff in their work environments. Assess each worker based on the roles and assigned tasks they perform to improve each process or task.

Módulo de reservas Zeus Manager software reservas y valoración de empleados

Role and access system

Control the activity of all the profiles of your business thanks to the Zeus intranet and share all the information you need about your employees with the managers.

Employee tabs

Create personalized cards for your workers and keep track of their evolution to assess each of their strengths.

Communication tool

Improve communication with your employees through the use of press releases and documents to facilitate the planning of hours and vacations.

Zeus is adaptability and control

The Zeus labor module has been designed to help you identify and plan the best skills for your workers. All this thanks to an intuitive profile management system with which you can monitor each employee in a personalized way and assess the skills according to the type of occupation they perform. You can also use their profiles created to send announcements and documents with which to expedite any type of procedure, whether for example the management of hours or holidays.